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From the Director

Here we are. Against all odds, the ASEAN Literary Festival is coming back for the third year. We are proud to have proven our durability and kept our dream of building a tradition alive. We feel we are now in a point of no return as we grow and gain more support while more people in the region are expecting the festival to return each year. This year the festival takes the theme “The Story of Now” with dozens of sessions discussing pressing issues facing our society. From environments to digital hype and from human rights and democracy to refugee problems, we intend to stay relevant and critical to open debate and help find solutions. The ASEAN Literary Festival is the first event to gather writers fr... Read more


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ASEAN literary Festival

Pemenang Kehidupan

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Sapardi X Jokpin


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Opening Speech by Founder/Director

Posted : 2016-05-16
Welcome to the third ASEAN Literary Festival 2016. We thank you for attending this opening ceremony ... Read more

Program Book of ALF 2016

Posted : 2016-05-05
Please download the official program book of ASEAN Literary Festival 2016. We look forward to seeing... Read more

ASEAN-Japan Residency

Posted : 2016-04-22
Congratulations !!! The following is the list of writers accepted in the ASEAN-Japan Residency Prog... Read more


Posted : 2016-03-11
As the East Asian region is facing heating political and territorial disputes with a threat of open ... Read more

ALF 2015 Questions of Conscience

Posted : 2015-06-26
... Read more

Orasi Budaya

Posted : 2015-05-07
Membaca Wiji dan Melahirkan Wiji Kembali, Orasi Budaya oleh Okky Madasari... Read more

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ASEAN Literary Festival 2015 "Questions of Conscience"

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