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About Us

The ASEAN Literary Festival is a cultural event where all ASEAN countries can share in proximity, familiarities in culture literary interests often influenced by the colonial experience. This Festival is the first literary event to focus primarily on the quality of the ASEAN region’s literary works. By building a bridge between people of literature and the general public, we aim to promote the cultures, arts and literary works not only in our region but to the broader global audience.

The festival presents ASEAN’s poets, novelists, playwrights, critics, scholars and artists who perform, share and discuss the role of literature in our cultures which will help our member countries to foster a just society, encouraging human rights and democracy.

We are very honored to open the 3rd ASEAN Literary Festival 2016 with Nobel Prize Winner José Ramos-Horta. This event will also include an modern Indonesian puppet show and a symphony orchestra from Korea. At a time when our world is both unpredictable and challenging, we hope to learn from these rich literary exchanges and experiences year after year in our broader region.

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