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Writers And Speakers ALF 2017

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  Andrew Fowler
  Award winning investigative reporter Andrew Fowler, began his career in England where he covered the 1970s IRA bombing campaign for the London Evening News. His past roles include chief of staff and acting foreign editor of The Australian newspaper. For 20 years he was a reporter with Australian ABC TV's Four Corners and Foreign Correspondent programs. Fowler's first book The Most Dangerous Man in the World, translated and published in countries as diverse as the USA, China, South Korea, Russia and Indonesia, was described by Daniel Ellsberg, the Pentagon Papers whistleblower, as "A gripping thriller. By far the best account of Julian Assange's motives and the talents that made his so dangerous". Fowler, who is married and has two daughters, spends his time between Paris and Sydney .His last book was The War on Journalism about the decline of the media.  He is currently writing 'Shoot the Messenger' , to be published later this year by Routledge UK, about   how surveillance and anti-terrorism laws are used  to  curb dissent in the media.
  Ahmad Fuadi
  A Fulbright scholar, Ahmad Fuadi parlayed his formative years at an Islamic boarding school into his celebrated first novel, Negeri 5 Menara, which sold more than 100,000 copies in the first year of its release. Translated into English, The Land of Five Towers, the award-winning novel has also been adapted into a feature film. He was featured at Frankfurt Book Fair,  Byron Bay Writers Festival in Australia, Ubud Writers Festival, Singapore Writers Festival, Melbourne Writers Festival, and Makassar Writers Festival. He is the founder of Komunitas Menara, an organization to help unfortunate children to get a free access to early childhood education. He was a resident writer in Bellagio Center, Italy and an artist-in-residence at University of California, Berkeley, UK Alumni Award winner 2016. Instagram @afuadi
  Azhar Ibrahim, PhD
  Azhar Ibrahim, PhD is a Lecturer at the Department of Malay Studies, National University of Singapore (NUS). He teaches Malay-Indonesian literature and ideologies of development at the Department. His research interest includes sociology of religion, sociology of literature and critical literacy, and the Malay-Indonesian intellectual development. Amongst his published books are: Menyanggah Belenggu Kerancuan Fikiran Masakini (2016), Contemporary Islamic Discourse in the Malay-Indonesia World: Critical Perspectives. (2014), Narrating Presence: Awakening from Cultural Amnesia. (2014).
  Michael Vatikiotis
  Michael Vatikiotis is Asia Regional Director in the Centre of Humanitarian Dialogue and lives in Singapore. Formerly a BBC Correspondent and Editor of the Far Eastern Economic Review, he has been a writer and journalist in Asia for the past thirty five years. He has lived in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong, and speaks the Thai and Indonesian languages fluently. He is the author of ‘Blood and Silk: Power and Conflict in Modern Southeast Asia’ (2017) and two other books on politics in Southeast Asia, as well as two novels set in Indonesia:  ‘The Spice Garden' (2004) and 'The Painter of Lost Souls’ (2012).  He is a graduate of the School of Oriental and African Studies, London, and earned a doctorate from Oxford University.
  Mohd Faizal Musa 
  Mohd Faizal Musa, known by his pen name Faisal Tehrani, is a Malaysian novelist. Because of his writings and the ideas he has expressed, he has become known as a figure of controversy . Considered the most important work in Faisal’s early writings, 1515 (Utusan Publications & Distributor, 2003) won first place in the Hadiah Sastera Utusan Malaysia-Exxon Mobil 2002. It also received the National Book Prize in 2005, under the Bahasa Melayu General Fiction category. 1515 has become a reading text for the Malay Studies programme at Cologne University, Germany. 1515 was translated and republished by the Malaysian Institute of Translation & Books in 2011. Prof Emeritus Dr Salleh Yaapar, of Universiti Sains Malaysia, praised the novel for “redefining Malay history and identity” , and considers it a major work . 1515 is the only Malaysian contemporary novel mentioned in The Encyclopedia of the Novel (Blackwell, 2011) . 
  Shivaji Das
Writer, traveller, and photographer; Shivaji Das is the author of ‘Angels by the Murky River: Travels Off the Beaten Track,’ Yoda Press (2017), ‘Journeys with the caterpillar: Travelling through the islands of Flores and Sumba, Indonesia (2013),’ and ‘Sacred Love: Erotic art in the temples of Nepal,’ Mandala Publications/ Aadarsh Books (under publication, e2017). Shivaji’s writings have been published in magazines such as TIME, Asian Geographic, Venture Mag, Jakarta Post, Conscious Magazine, PanaJournal, Freethinker, etc. He has given talks on topics ranging from Travel Writing, Humour in Cross-Cultural context, and the culture of Indonesia in universities and forums in Singapore, Morocco, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brazil. His interviews have been featured on BBC, CNBC, Channel News Asia, Travel Radio Australia, Around the World TV, Radio Roaming, and Singapore Discovery Centre’s IFD exhibition.


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