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Eleven Young ASEANís Writers Selected to Join Residency Program in Jakarta

ASEAN Literary Festival would like to thank all ASEANers who have applied to join our humble ASEAN-Japan Residency Program. We are grateful and honored that young ASEANers show such a high interets for the program as we receive nearly 1,000 application from young writers from across the region.


As many of the applicants are highly talented and gifted writers, the competition for a place in the residency is very tight. We could have picked as many as 50 or so candidates with the same quality level – and without degrading the overall quality of the residency – but we have limited number of seats to offer. So, we have to decide, and we have.





As the East Asian region is facing heating political and territorial disputes with a threat of open conflict always becoming a possibility, interaction to know each other and dialogue to foster better understanding among people in this part of the world are becoming more and more important.


Deeper understanding on culture, way of life and views among people of countries in the region will become key base that shape broader relations -- especially in economic, trade and political ties -- between countries in the region, and serve as building block to enhance atmosphere of dialogue and prevent conflicts from taking root.


This is the spirit the Muara Foundation brings when >>more

Statement of ASEAN Literary Festival on Rohingya

Statement of ASEAN Literary Festival on Rohingya

“For People and For Community of Conscience”

From the beginning ASEAN Literary Festival (ALF) puts itself not only as forum for gathering of ASEAN writers but also an effort to maintain the grouping as humane, just and people-centered community. Responding to latest development within the Southeas Asian region, especially in regard to Rohingya problem, ASEAN Literary Festival feels obliged to take a stand and voice its concerns:   

1. ASEAN Literary Festival is gravely disappointed in ASEAN members’ rejection to accept and help Rohingya refugees in their territory. This is a betrayal of ASEAN community’s basic principles as enshrined in its charter and values held high by the festiv >>more

ASEAN Literary Festival Hadir di Solo

Jakarta- Sukses dengan penyelenggaraannya di tahun kedua yang baru saja usai pada 15-12 Maret 2015 lalu, ASEAN Literary Festival (ALF) menggelar rangkaian tur ke berbagai daerah di Indonesia. Diawali dengan kunjungan ke Solo, tim ALF akan bertemu komunitas sastra Pawon dan berbagi pengetahuan seputar sastra ASEAN di kampus Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) dan Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta (UMS).

Gelaran yang juga masuk dalam program ALF Goes To School ini mengusung misi mengenalkan sastra pada masyarakat luas, khususnya generasi muda. Menumbuhkan kesadaran sekaligus kecintaan akan dunia sastra.

Tim ALF akan mengawali agendanya di Solo dengan bertemu komunitas sastra Pawon pada hari Sabtu, 2 Mei 2015 di Balai Soedjatmoko, Solo. Mengambil tema: “Sastra, Manusia dan Kemanusiaan", Okky Madasari, direktur program ALF menyampaikan orasi budaya yang diikuti dengan diskusi sastra bersama komunitas sastra dan publik Solo.

Selanjutny >>more

From Writers, Publishers, to Community Corner

From Writers, Publishers, to Community Corner


In addition to workshops and discussions, ASEAN Literary Festival 2014 also presents some of the special events that will enliven the festival.

There are Corner of Writers, Publishers, Literary Community, Embassies and Ethnic Music. Every corner was filled by several parties with their respective programs.


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