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2014 Programs

Day 1 Opening
Workshop “Beyond Poetry Reading”
(Rendra is known as one of Indonesia’s greatest poetry readers beside his long-lasting poems. The New Order Regime, for instance, did not ban his poems, but prohibited his poetry reading events. This workshop is inspired by Rendra who among others shows us that a poetry reading could influence the mass, and that poems are most powerful when they are spoken out)  
Opening speech by Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa
 ASEAN Literary Award presentation
 General Lecture
Day 2: Literature and Humanity
Contemporary ASEAN Literature
(a discussion of the region’s contemporary literature and its place among world’s literature)
Democracy, Human Rights and Literature
(How different governance affects country’s literary works, and how literature push for the upholding of human rights principles and democratization among ASEAN countries)
Literary Works under Totalitarian Regime
(A discussion on how  novels and poems under Indonesia’s Soeharto and the Philippine’s Marcos)
Southeast Asian Literature and Colonialism
(A discussion on how colonial period shapes ASEAN’s contemporary works)
Art Performances
Day 3: ASEAN Literature and the World
Ethnicity, Religion and Literature
(A discussion on the role of literary works in promoting peace and multiculturalism in ASEAN)
The Role of Literary Translation
(A dicussion on the underdevelopment of ASEAN’s literary translation, and efforts to boost it)
Where Does Literary Critics Go?
(Discussing the role of critics in development of literary world and the absence of critics in ASEAN contemporary literary)
Women and Literature
(A discussion on the emergence of woman writers in ASEAN, how it changes the literary landscape)
Art Performances

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