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ASEAN-Japan Residency

Congratulations !!!
The following is the list of writers accepted in the ASEAN-Japan Residency Program:
1. Zelia Vital (Timor Leste)
2. Kristian Sendon Cordero (Philippines)
3. Ridhwan Saidi (Malaysia)
4. Ha Trang Van (Vietnam)
5. Stephanie Ye (Singapore)
6. Quratul-Ain Bandial (Brunei Darussalam)
7. Heng Oudom (Kamboja)
8. Cristanto Senda (Indonesia)
9. Guntur Alam (Indonesia)
10. Pringadi Abdi Surya (Indonesia)
11. Muhammad Rio Johan (Indonesia)
12. Sebastian Partogi (Indonesia)     
For others, we thank you very much for your application. You are all wonderful candidates but we have limited spaces. We hope we can host you next year.

Posted : 2016-04-22
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