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ASEAN Literary Fest Open for Registration

The first ASEAN Literary Festival will be held at Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta, on March 21-23, 2014. The festival is free for public, and now open registration for people who want to attend its programs, especially the workshop and discussions.

-Workshop "Beyond Poetry Reading" (Day 1: Friday, 21 March 2014, 3-5pm)

This workshop is inspired by one of Indonesia?s greatest poetry reader, Rendra. Through his action, poetry reading becoming not only "reading activity" but more than that. It could influence the mass, and the poems seems most powerful when they are spoken out.

Thus, people who likes to read poetry and really want to know all about "poetry reading", are suggested to attend this workshop. The festival will also have three speakers that bridge the workshop into an entertaining session; Khairani Barokka, Khrisna Pabichara and Low Kok Wai (Brunei).

- Discussion (1) "Contemporary Asean Literature" (Day 2, Saturday 22 March 2014, 10-12 am).

In this session, the festival will discuss about the region's contemporary literature and its place among world's literature. For some people in Indonesia, they might not familiar with literary works by author in Malaysia, Philipine, Vietnam, Singapore, and other ASEAN countries. What make it difference between them and their theme?

- Discussion (2) "Democracy, Human Rights and Literature" (Day 2, Saturday 22 March 2014, 1-3pm)

Each governance affects the country's literary works. With different background of independence, each country also has different way of story telling. Besides, in this session, the festival also seek how literature talks about human rights principles and democratization.

- Discussion (3) "Literary Works under Totalitarian Regime" (Day 2, Saturday 22 March 2014, 1-3 pm)

It is interesting to see how literary works has a voice in two different totalitarian regime: Indonesia's Soeharto and the Philippine's Marcos. Are the literary works in this two country has same voice or difference?

- Discussion (4) "Southeast Asia Literature and Colonialism" (Day 2, Saturday 22 March 2014, 4-6 pm)

A discussion on how colonial period shapes Asean's contemporary works. As we know, colonialism and postcolonialism, are very interesting subject to explore. Since, it has relations with what happens today.

- Discussion (5) "Ethnicity, Religion and Literature" (Day 3, Sunday 23 March 2014, 10-12 am)

In this session, the festival will discuss about the role of literary works in promoting peace and multiculturalism, not only in ASEAN countries but also in non-ASEAN countries. Attendee can propose which literary works that talks about ethnic and religion conflicts, and how the author solve its problems.

- Discussion (6) "Where Does Literary Critics Go?" (Day 3, Sunday 23 March 2014, 1-3 pm)

Discussing the role of critics in development of literary world and the absence of critics in Asean contemporary literary. Not only in Indonesia, perhaps we might find out that other country has the same problems. How to solve it then?

- Discussion (7) "Women and Literature" (Day 3, Sunday 23 March 2014, 1-3 pm)

This is a discussion that will talk more about the emergence of woman writers in ASEAN, and how it changes the literary landscape. Is it true that most woman writers now build awareness through their works, especially about human rights, freedom and humanity? For sure, this is interesting to discuss.

- Discussion (8) "The Role of Literary Translation" (Day 3, Sunday 23 March 2014, 4-6 pm)

A dicussion on the underdevelopment of Asean's literary translation, and efforts to boost it. As we always find out some translation of literary works need to be improved.

All workshop and discussions in ASEAN Literary Festival is free for registration. The committee will also hand a certificate for people who submit registration and attend the programs. The speakers for each discussion will announce soon before the events. *

Posted : 2014-02-27
By :ALF 2014

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