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Eleven Young ASEANís Writers Selected to Join Residency Program in Jakarta

ASEAN Literary Festival would like to thank all ASEANers who have applied to join our humble ASEAN-Japan Residency Program. We are grateful and honored that young ASEANers show such a high interets for the program as we receive nearly 1,000 application from young writers from across the region.


As many of the applicants are highly talented and gifted writers, the competition for a place in the residency is very tight. We could have picked as many as 50 or so candidates with the same quality level – and without degrading the overall quality of the residency – but we have limited number of seats to offer. So, we have to decide, and we have.


The ASEAN writers selected to join the residency from July 27 to August 2, and then contribute as speakers in the festival from August 3 to 6 are:


  1. Clara Chow of Singapore
  2. Glenn L Diaz of the Philippines
  3. Hariz Faddylah of Brunei
  4. Intan Andaru of Banyuwangi, Indonesia
  5. Ira Lathief of Jakarta, Indonesia
  6. Mai Nardone of Thailand
  7. Moe Thet Han of Myanmar
  8. Ni Komang Ariani of Bali, Indonesia
  9. Shaz Johar of Malaysia
  10. Tra Nguyen of Vietnam
  11. Yusri Fajar of Malang, Indonesia


These writers along with a Japanese writer will spend their time together for a week in Kampung Muara, Tanjung Barat, South Jakarta, and then join a number of ASEAN’s writers to speak at the 4th ASEAN Literary Festival in Kota Tua in North Jakarta.


“The residency program is one small effort to directly address the fact that we, the people of ASEAN, barely know each other. We don’t believe that we can become a community without a feeling of familiarity and sense of close proximity and belonging,” said Okky Madasari, program director of ASEAN Literary Festival.


Thus, the residency program is hoped to become a platform for young ASEAN writers and intellectuals and ASEAN public in general to get to know each other as a brothers and sisters within the imagined ASEAN Community. 

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