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Ruang Tengah

Started from a special session called "A Rare Conversation with Sapardi Djoko Damono x Joko Pinurbo" in the 2016's festival, this special program now has an official name: "Ruang Tengah", which will present a rare, intimate, deeper conversation with Southeast Asia's most influential literary and intellectual figures. Up to this year's festival we can only present Indonesia's giants. But in later years hopefully we will include legendary figures from other countries in ASEAN. So, here are the four minds sitting in this year's "Ruang Tengah":
Venue: Gedung Tjipta Niaga Kota Tua Jakarta
1. Martin Aleida
Time: Friday, August 4 at 19.00-21.00
Fresh from winning Kompas Short Story Award, Martin has proved time and again his relevance, influence and endurance over a long period of time not only within Indonesia's literary landscape but also in the nation's socio-political domain after being detained by Soeharto's regime in early 70s and producing short stories critical to the regime  
2. Arswendo Atmowiloto
Time: Saturday, August 5 at 16.00-18.00
Creative mind behind among Indonesia's most read magazines and tabloids in New Order Era as well as writer of best-seller novels, Arswendo has introduced fresh approach to writing novels that would later garner many followers and admirers among Indonesia's younger generation of writers. The controversial of Monitor's survey that led him to prison for blasphemy only magnifies his popularity    
3. Goenawan Mohammad
Time: Saturday, August 5 at 19.00-21.00
Even with his endless controversies that produce haters and lovers alike, Goenawan's greatness can't be denied. He is one of only few Indonesia's most influential literary men alive. While his poems pale in comparison with Indonesia's historical greats such as Chairil Anwar or even Subagyo Sastrowardoyo, his essays and his future-minded ideas and thinking, including when he founded Tempo Magazine, helped Indonesia survived its darkest period. But his greatest contribution yet is helping creating a generation of intellectuals that have been shaping today's Indonesia.    
4. Karlina Supelli
Time: Sunday, August 6 at 16.00-18.00 
Starting as an astronomer, she is one of the last two or three Indonesia's philosophers and thinkers that matters. Indonesia's younger feminists refer to her with utmost respect while the public in general see her as the coolest intellectual alive. Her most felt contribution is leading Indonesia's women as an engaged intellectual to bravely respond to the nation's most pressing issues, especially her activism during the New Order era.   
Open for public
On the spot donation minimum IDR 20,000

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